Hamlet Characteristics

Hamlet Characteristics| Character Analysis

  Perhaps the greatest literal work in the English language, Shakespeare’s Hamlet is an exciting read that, unfortunately, ends in tragedy. Written in the 17th century, Hamlet is the longest play (More than 30,000 words) in the list of Shakespeare’s plays and is considered as the world’s most popular play after Cinderella. Hamlet is even more popular than Shakespeare’s other famous masterpiece, Othello No fear. A summary of Hamlet (Shakespeare) The play tells the story …

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Othello No fear

No fear Shakespeare (Othello) Summary and Analysis

  No fear by Shakespeare tells the story of Othello and is considered to be one of the most famous classical literally works. The 5 act play tells the story of how the military general, Othello, falls into the trap of thinking that his wife is cheating. No Fear Shakespeare (Othello) is essentially a personal tragedy sparked by jealously. Self-worthiness, reputation damage, shame, and the fear of rejection are the other important themes in Othello.   …

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essay writing services

Tools for paraphrasing: When Should You use them ?

Out of the box, online paraphrasing tools help you write essays faster. The term “paraphrase” can be defined as either a noun or transitive verb.  Here are the two definitions as cited from Oxford’s Lexico dictionary:  How Do Online Paraphrasing Tools Work? Online paraphrasing tools help you to reword articles and essays using different words. The main purpose of paraphrasing in essay writing is to avoid plagiarism   Most online paraphrasing tools basically use synonyms to …

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Concluding paragraphs

How to Write Expert Concluding Paragraphs: Format, Outline & Examples

  The conclusion is the final part of all essay types – the concluding paragraph is your last opportunity to convince readers that the information you just passed to them is important.  This is a fact: readers are more likely to remember the information in the conclusion more clearly than the body paragraphs and introduction.  So, how then do you write a kick-ass conclusion for your essay?  Here is what experts say:  A concluding paragraph …

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Othello No fear

Paragraphs in Essay Writing

According to Oxford’s Lexico Dictionary,a paragraph  is “a distinct section of a piece of writing, usually dealing with a single theme and indicated by a new line, indentation, or numbering.”  In other words, a paragraph is a group of related sentences used to develop a single idea. The main idea in paragraph is usually introduced using a topic sentence, the writer should then develop the idea further using related arguments, evidence, facts or even opinions.  …

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