Tools for paraphrasing: When Should You use them ?

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Out of the box, online paraphrasing tools help you write essays faster.

The term “paraphrase” can be defined as either a noun or transitive verb. 

Here are the two definitions as cited from Oxford’s Lexico dictionary: 

Dictionary definition

How Do Online Paraphrasing Tools Work?

Online paraphrasing tools help you to reword articles and essays using different words. The main purpose of paraphrasing in essay writing is to avoid plagiarism  

Most online paraphrasing tools basically use synonyms to avoid changing meaning although you will still need to proofread and edit your paper

Paraphrasing tools are basically essay rewriting tools that help you compile a paper without having to engage in extensive research. 

Note that paraphrasing tools might not come in handy to essay writers who wish to increase their knowledge on a topic.  Also these tools are limited in terms writing style customization; in other words, you do not get a custom essay with paraphrasing tools.

Having said that, let me make it clear that paraphrasing tools can prove to be immensely useful in the following situations: 

  • When writing a challenging essay topic 

Let’s face it, some essay topics can be simply too hard to grasp. This is particularly true for in technical subjects such as Engineering and Architecture.

With a paraphrasing tool all you need to do is look for a professionally written essay on the same topic and let the tool write your essay. 

  • When you are short on time

If your essay’s due deadline is short then a paraphrasing can come in handy.  Most tools will have your essay paraphrased within a couple of seconds, giving you time to proofread the work or you can hire a professional editor to polish up your work. 

  • If you are an ESL student (English is not your first language)

If you are a struggling ESL student then a paraphrasing tool can help you sound more confident and make a great first impression. 

Not everyone is good in English and since you do not want to end up with a cheap English essay or one that lacks flow and does not make any sense, the tool can help you get a quality piece in the end.

The paraphrase tool will help you get a professional high-quality article that will impress everyone, however poor you feel you are in English.

It saves you the struggles that come with the language, especially for those who are not native speakers.

  • When you do not have the money to buy a custom essay 

Hiring a professional writer is the best way to get quality custom essays. 

A good essay writer will research your topic comprehensively and craft an original copy that is guaranteed to get you excellent grades.

You must, however, ensure that you choose the best paraphrasing platform that does rob the piece of its meaningfulness as far as the topic goes.

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