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Also referred to as connecting or linking words, transition words, and phrases are used to interconnect ideas within your essay.

From the readers’ perspective, transitions make it easier to understand important ideas in an essay as well as the relationship between them. 

In other words, when used effectively, transition words and phrases help readers easily establish the connection between different parts of your paper. 

How to use Transition words and phrases effectively 

These are the two ways you can use transition words effectively in essay writing:

  • By consistently using transitional expressions and words
  • By strategically repeating parallel constructions, pronouns, phrases, and words. 

Transition words and phrases can express the relationship between things such as; consequence, reinforcement, comparison, and equality. 

Examples of transition words and phrases that express equality

In addition Furthermore Moreover Next Another Likewise
Also Much as

transition phrases in essay writing

Examples of transition words that express Comparison 

Like Of equal importance In the same way Also Similarly
Both In comparison Next in importance As Still
In the same way Complementary to this Nevertheless Likewise Then again
While this is the case However On the other hand Conversely Notwithstanding
And yet Despite this That aside ... disputes …

list of transition words

Examples of transitions that express development/ additional information 

Moreover For instance This means To illustrate In addition
Such as For example Furthermore After all Specifically

listing transition words

Examples of transitions that express emphasis or reinforcement

It is especially significant that remember
Least of all / most of all In essence Indeed
as a matter of
Not only ----- but also it is valuable to note as a Principally

essay transition words

Examples of transitions that express time sequence or logical order

First While Afterwards Thereafter Next
Then Before Presently Meanwhile Afterwards
Formerly Subsequently In summary When Ultimately
Second Thirdly Finally in conclusion what is more
By the same token Equally important in a like manner in the same way

transition words in essays


Examples of transition words for conclusions

in essence in conclusion in brief altogether as has been
in closing altogether in summary in retrospect
to conclude as has been
to summarize in other words all in all
as has been said in simpler
to sum up on the whole

transition words for conclusion

Examples of transition words to use in a literature review or to present other people’s ideas

Based on the findings of ... it can be
However, ... stated that … Similarly, … stated that …. Based on the ideas of … According to
As explained by As identified by … states that … … defined …. as …. ... argues ….
With regard to … argued that … … challenges the idea … ... suggested … … disputed that … … found that …
… pointed out that … … highlights … … for example, … … concluded that … … demonstrated …
… expressed the opinion that … … highlights … … proposed that …
… goes on to state/suggest/say … showed that …
… concluded that … … emphasizes … agreed that … ... asserts that …. … reported ….
… confirmed that … … relates … … hypothesised that …


transition words for conclusions

Other examples of transition words and phrases transition words


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